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Malaysian-born artist and expressionist Kenneth W H Lee, now residing in Sydney the last 34 years, weaves symbolic and metaphorical representations of human interactions through emotionally raw and visual narratives employing rich colour and space.

Kenneth, an exhibiting artist, is self-taught and from the age of two he was encouraged to express himself on paper by his artistically gifted parents and was first shown the fundamentals of drawing and the use of watercolour. Kenneth continued to experiment instinctively, further developing and mastering his style in various mediums with an initial focus on portraiture and still life in oils and acrylics.

Blessed with an exceptional gift and internal warmth, he derives great pleasure from gifting his closest friends with unique pieces of his art over the years. Kenneth sold a small number of artworks during his varsity years by accident and on request; however, he shifted his energy away from art and instead turned his attention to his academic studies. Kenneth’s first love was architecture, yet he first completed Economics and Accounting majors as well as Commercial Law & Tax as minors at the University of Sydney, the University of choice for his first Economics degree.

Kenneth has had an exciting career in asset and funds management in the real estate sector of Australia, South East Asia and the Asia Pacific region, traveling the world via work commitments with large blue chip international brand names.

Now aged fifty two and based in Sydney for a total of thirty-four years, Kenneth combines his passions in creating fine art pieces as a painter while consulting in corporate advisory. Kenneth is a father of two and a true ‘foodie’ with a passion for cooking stunningly tasty food.

Kenneth has been steadily creating a body of work over the last eight years. This past summer, and winter, has seen him produce his finest work to date – a selection of emotionally-charged abstracts and landscapes inspired by various people in his life. He has also completed a large romantic floral-themed mural project for a millennial cult-following café/florist at the DUO residential and retail vertical gardens development on Broadway, Chippendale Sydney. 2019 also saw Kenneth’s maiden Archibald submission with a 7 foot tall painting of pro-baller Andrew Bogut. The 2020  submissions into both the Archibald and Wynne Prizes was of Uncle “Chicka” Madden and “Sydney Spring; Gratitude Series II”.

Kenneth’s artwork has been acquired and commissioned by private collectors and corporations in New York, Toronto, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney. He is currently undertaking a collaboration with an Australian film director to install his previous works and newly created pieces for use as set design in a French film.

KWHL’s works are currently being showcased in his latest 4th Solo at Studio71 Julie Peadon Art Gallery at 71 Lyons Rd, Drummoyne NSW all this July 2022 – we are having a soiree on Sunday 17th July 2022 from 4pm to 7pm to launch this winter solo exhibition, “Introspection IV”, with some champagne, pinots & hors d’oeuvres.



Maiden Joint Art Exhibition was held at Randwick, Sydney, Australia in February 2014.

Maiden Solo Exhibition “Interiority of My Introspection” in Pyrmont, Sydney was held in September 2019.

Second Solo Exhibition “Introspection II”, Darling Harbour/Chinatown, Sydney December 2019 Launch shown at Bendigo Bank’s latest concept bank branch at Lend Lease’s Darling Square Development.

A third Solo Show, “Introspection III”, launched on 2nd June 2021 Wednesday 6pm to 8pm at Haymarket’s Bendigo Community Bank’s branch at Darling Square 11 Little Pier St Shop NE12. New release of 24 original artworks will be on show for the whole of June 2021 closing on 29th September 2021.

Fourth Solo, “Introspection IV”, at Studio71 Julie Peadon Art Gallery at 71 Lyons Rd, Drummoyne NSW, all this July 2022 – we are having a soiree on Sunday 17th July 2022 from 4pm to 7pm to launch this winter solo exhibition.

Kenny’s, as he’s affectionately known, works were also part of a group exhibition “Harmony” curated by ArtSHINE Pyrmont in January 2020 in conjunction with Chinese New Year celebrations of the Year of the Rat.

Latest body of work can be viewed on Instagram @kennethwhlee – do follow Kenny in his Art journey of exploration and self discovery.

Kenny is focusing in producing a new range of women’s scarfs in late 2020. A brand new range of KWHL Gentlemen’s Pocket Squares are now available for sale; seek these out before this small batch run sells out. Kenny’s abstract and impressionist images are currently licensed for online sales reproduction prints on US e-commerce platform called Great Big Canvass; see  www.greatbigcanvas.com/category/lee-kenneth-w-h/    www.greatbigcanvas.com

In association with ArtSHINE and Playground @artshineplayground, and the brand Kenneth W H Lee ZEN ART some of Kenny’s paintings are now available in high quality & unique merchandise items ie Scarfs, Tote Bags, Minimalist Backpacks, 500-Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles, Luggage Covers, even Face Masks…

Do visit the site www.artshineplayground.com – you can search by artist name & the items list will follow – with some customisation options available. For my followers use the code “ArtSHINE25″ for a limited time for a special 25% discount on your first purchase for patrons who transact now (minimum $50 spend).

Since Spring 2020, KWHLEE works are also available on New Zealand wall art company KaceArt; do see https://www.kaceart.com/product-category/artist/kenneth-wh-lee/
Instagram: @kacearts
FB: KaceArts
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com.au/kacearts/

CLICK link below to be taken to art merchandise and other e-commerce platforms to acquire Prints and Fashionable personal and household items as unique gifts or to add to your personal collection.


Peace & Love,

Kenneth W H Lee

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  1. Brother…you are a person with true grit and amazing talent. Your artistic skill has evolved and redefined itself….just as its master. I commend you.

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