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I hope you and your families are in wonderful health, safe and thriving reading this, whilst our world embraces a new norm externally and internally we find a new peace, tranquility and deeper meaning. 

I can be reached on my cell +61 48115 2203 (Australia) or email kenny@zenart.io

Looking forward to comments on these pages about my Soulful Art By My Hands and Relaying Stories From The Heart; and also open to discussions around what you desire as part of your own private collection or for corporate boardrooms, offices and foyers. Or just a friendly hello….

I take pride in taking the time to go through the consultative process of scoping out the exact requirements of the client.

For now, I live and paint in Sydney, Australia – this does not prevent me from engaging with overseas clients. I have sold my art to Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, America and in Australia. Images of my art can be purchased (and delivered worldwide except Australia) online at https://www.greatbigcanvas.com/category/lee-kenneth-w-h/

Please drop in and say “hello” – I will over time upload new commissioned works showing its step by step progression or works created for my future exhibitions and will open for discussion for interested enthusiasts, fans and friends out there.

I can be found on Instagram @kennethwhlee showcasing latest works in progress; and also on Facebook at Kenneth W H Lee ZEN ART.


CLICK link ABOVE to be taken to art merchandise and other e-commerce platforms to acquire Prints and Fashionable personal and household items as unique gifts or to add to your personal collection.

From nothing, on a blank canvass, I pour in my heart and soul to create visual experiences in the hope of communicating with someone in some way.

With Peace & Love

Kenneth W H Lee

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  1. Hi Kenny

    Good to talk just now congrats on your work and following your passion!
    As I am a marketer i recommend you get social sites linked up with this website facebook, instagram etc.
    all the best

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