About Kenneth W H Lee

Kenneth Wen Hsi LEE is a self-taught artist – encouraged at the age of two to express himself on paper and shown the fundamentals of drawing and handling watercolour in his boyhood by his artistic parents. Kenny, as he is affectionately known, went on to experiment, develop and master his own style in various mediums with initial focus on portraiture and still life. Blessed with this gift, he derived great pleasure in painting pieces as his best gifts to his friends. He would sell a small number of art works during his varsity years but not really focusing a lot of energy into that as he studied Economics, Accounting and Law at Sydney University where he completed his Economics degree. Kenny has had an exciting career in finance and real estate around Australia, South East and the Asia Pacific region, travelling the world with work commitments. He had the opportunity to live life fully; experienced the pain of lost loves and having had two beautiful young children, Kenny has gained a renewed passion for his art and now has re-focused his energies on what he loves doing - drawing and painting.

New Body of Work

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Kenneth W H Lee has created a new body of original pieces of work amidst our Covid-World ready for his fourth Solo Show launched on 1st of July 2022 – “Introspection IV” at Studio71 Julie Peadon Art Gallery at 71 Lyons Rd, Drummoyne NSW all this July 2022 – a soiree on Sunday 17th July 2022 from 4pm to 7pm will be held to launch this winter solo exhibition, with some champagne, pinots & hors d’oeuvres.

KWHL’s previous 3rd Solo was held at Haymarket’s Bendigo Community Bank’s branch at Darling Square. There were 24 original artworks on show from June 2021 to January 2022.

Introspection IV’s show statement:

“Our world has changed overnight. Our existence questioned. Humanity made to self assess. Self conduct with direction and purpose has never been in sharper focus. Plans for the future seemingly brought forward. Whilst self re-assessment and growth taking centre stage, we care, notice and love of our neighbours, friends and family more. The awakening hastened. Where do we go from here?

“Introspection IV”, my fourth Solo, explores our inward-looking perspectives whilst also acknowledging the externalities surrounding us. The appreciation of all viewpoints starting with some introspective assessment of our fundamentals. My maiden solo show was named “The Interiority Of My Introspection” back in September 2019. And in December 2019 I held my second solo “Introspection II”. Little did we know within a few months our world would change. Now the title Introspection is strangely apt and topical in our daily lives. In this show I attempt to convey the intricate inner beauty of our minds and creativeness. Our resilience. The acknowledgement of surrounding beauty that still has us gasping in awe and wonderment. In moments of darkness we have all endured, I attempt to capture its struggle, its twists and turns – the challenges, and yet the clarity of sheer beauty and seemingly love prevails. Our shared times with loved ones, captured in a mere moment. A memory. In the search for new love – the mourning of lost loves. The hope of new beginnings. Within the banality of mundane routines, I attempt to share with you endless intricate creations I see and feel all around me.”

Kenneth has exhibited three times in his Sydney Solo Shows “Interiority Of My Introspection I, II and III”; the maiden held in late 2019. Meantime he is actively taking client commissions, and consulting clients of their fine art needs curating their home during and post renovations, of various subject matters including charity work painting family portraits, St Charbel portrait fundraising for recent Lebanon Blast victims/families and Guy Sebastian portrait utilising his Signed Jeans in fund raising for the CMRI Children’s Medical Research Institute – Westmead Children’s Hospital / Jeans4Genes. Apart from KWHLEE art designs being sold online in lifestyle products, some have made it to wholesale B2B. Watch this space for more art product listings. Click below links to view the e-commerce platforms that sell KWHLEE designs.

You can reach AKA Kenny at +61 48 115 2203 or kenny@zenart.io to discuss your next art piece for your home and/or office.

Check current artworks @kennethwhlee Instagram.


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Peace&Love Kx

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